Saturday, February 28, 2009

Great week!

Madeline is still having a great week. Danced three hours today and she does not even seem tired. Awesome! It's Saturday night, which means methotraxate and cyclosporine. We have another busy day tomorrow. Trey is in a travel baseball tournament in Natchitoches. Madeline stayed with her grandparents today, but she will have to come with us tomorrow. Sunblock, here we come!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finally over the cold

Madeline is feeling better. It took over three weeks for her cold to go away. Glad her little immune system got rid of it. I find it does take her longer to get over minor illnesses, but the important fact is she does get better. She is really looking good and energetic. Good week!

I've slacked on keeping up with the post. We've been out of town, doing tons of school projects, travel baseball and this week my husband's been out of town for business. Boy do I miss him...and his help around the house and with the kids. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Worry is my middle name

We've had a busy week, but I am so glad that we now have the Mardi Gras break. The kids are glad too. I think they need a break just as much as mom and dad.

It's report card and parent teacher conference hope to hear good news. I'm sure we will. We have good and pretty smart kids. After that, Trey has a Jr. High baseball game and Madeline dance. It never slows down.

Madeline's tingling in her feet still bothers her..and me. I went into her room last night and she was crying because her feet were tingling. Any time she gets really mad or upset (which she had just done), her feet bother her. This is driving me nuts. I saw online (I know, don't look online) today this may be a sign of diabetes. Could her medication cause diabetes???

Always thinking too much and worrying too much...otherwise, always being a parent.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Big Bad Sun

Madeline had a good weekend. Our Saturday night ritual of taking her methotraxate is almost non-eventful now. Early on, the day after she took her methotraxate she was very tired. It does not seem to faze her any longer. Hope I didn't just jinx that!

We are gearing up and researching where to take our vacation this summer. Normally we are very outdoor people and plan vacations that focus on sand, beach, rafting, etc. We are trying to do something new this year so we don't have to have concerns of too much sun for Madeline. We are debating going back to the mountains (which we loved) or going to Washington D.C. (which would be the first for the kids). I am concerned about all the walking in D.C. for Madeline for she still tires out. In fact, last night I dreamed Madeline got sunburned on vacation. We panicked so much we started going to emergency room to emergency room. But no one could help. I know, nuts!

Anyway, Mardi Gras season is upon us as well as spring. We had another warm week and the grass and flowers are peaking out. In fact, my crazy husband got so excited with the warm weather, he decided to jump in the pool for a swim. But he didn't swim for long.

I've enjoyed this stress-less winter months with lots of rainy days where we don't have to fret of too much sun. But that concern is quickly approaching us with warmer weather, longer days and a bright sun getting ready to warm us up down south.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lingering cold

Madeline's week is going well despite she still has this lingering cold. We all seem to have it though and with our weather being as nuts as it has been, how can you help it. Today it's in the 70's, but just last week it was in the 30's and 40's. We have a lot "sinus" issues in this part of the world.

If she does not improve by this weekend, we will make a visit to see our favorite ENT - Dr. W.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dancing Queen

Madeline and her team did awesome at the Dance Magic Competition in Mobile this past weekend. Madeline is still battling her cold, but never complained at all. They won gold in both their tap and jazz routines. Go Madeline!

How thankful I am she can dance!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dr. B visit tomorrow

We're packing tonight to go to Mobile, Alabama for Madeline's dance competition. We're stopping on our way in Baton Rouge to see Dr. B. Dr. B, the dermatologist, is the doctor who diagnosed Madeline last March. We haven't seen him since March 28, 2008, so it will be good to give him an update. We're actually stopping on our way for Rick to see him for his "skin issues" (nothing serious). It will be great to thank him in person for I believe this doctor's attentiveness and knowledge diagnosed Madeline early allowing her to get help and treatment quickly.

What do you say to someone that wonderful? How do we thank him enough? We will try our best. And I will try my best not to cry. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Madeline has had a cold for around a week now. Doesn't seem to be bothering her too badly. She did have a bloody nose last night, but nothing earth shattering. I'll just have to keep watching her to make sure she does not get worse. We have a big weekend for her coming up - dance competition in Alabama. We want to make sure she is feeling her best.

Monday, February 2, 2009

She did it!

Well, we've created a monster. Madeline won the title of Little Miss Queen of Louisiana yesterday. She was SO excited. Not bad for only her second pageant. She's a natural that one. She did great and what a wonderful confidence booster.

Last night while Madeline took her bath, I took the time to really look at her skin. I noticed she is scarred on her elbows and spots of her hands. Her chest cleared fine, as well as her face, ears and knees. The sores she got on her hands are the worse scars, but nothing like the actual sores, which were horrible. Glad that's behind us and things are looking so much better.

Trey didn't place in the science fair - oh well. A doctor one day he will not be, so that's okay. We are proud of him none the less.

Oh - a funny. After Madeline won the pageant, we told him he'd have to call her your highness. He said..."more like your hiney-ness".

New Years Eve 2007

New Years Eve 2007
Her rash on New Year Eve 2007. We were treating at this time as poison ivy.

Madeline, January 2008

Madeline, January 2008
Here is a picture of Madeline (2008) at her classroom birthday party. Here you will notice her malar rash and grottron's papules on her hands. Of course at this time we had no idea what was going on.

Madeline, January 2009

Madeline, January 2009
Here is a picture of Madeline at her 9th birthday party. The only redness you see now is the nornal redness from running around at your birthday party. My, what a difference a year makes.