Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell 2009

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Here we are again. Another year has flown by and we are entering the year 2010. Seriously, 2010! As a child, I always thought we'd be flying around like the Jetson's. Remember that cartoon?

I've attached a variety of pictures from the entire month of December. December has been a terribly busy month for us, hence the lack of submissions on the blog. I believe the lack of posts also means a lack of anything worthwhile to report regarding her JDM . What a great thing! We finished off the year by having blood drawn. We will get the results in the new year, but I don't anticipate anything shocking. How wonderful!

For many around our country, 2009 has not been a good year. Thank God, 2009 has not been a terrible year personally for our family. Madeline continues to do well health wise. The only true scare we had was her illness - the swine flu. We were able to eliminate one of her medications this year and have yet to experience any issues from this change. She still continues her methotraxate though. She is still very strong and continues to dance, have fun with friends, make great grades and we are even experiencing some teenage attitude. I feel payback coming!!!

Rick and Trey and also great. Trey's been busy with baseball, hunting, etc. He will be 14 soon...hard to believe.

Our New Year's Eve is being celebrated at home - like we do every year. Each of the kids have friends over and they are playing hide and seek outside in the dark. We've already had a massive fireworks show, which I dread to see all the mess in the morning, and eaten way too much chili. I'd not want to bring in a new year any differently than being at home with my family.

Here's to 2010. Wishing you all happiness, blessings and health!!! And here's wishing the same for our family and remission for Madeline in 2010.

Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Over the month mark

It's now been over a month that Madeline's cyclosporine has been eliminated. So far - all is good. Yesterday she mentioned to me her hands were very dry and her wrist was itching. I inspected thoroughly, but didn't see any evidence of JDM...just dry skin. Guess that panic feel will never leave me. Her methotraxate does still continue though. Still 10 mg once a week.

Madeline and I attended her Dance Company Christmas Party last night. We ate, had an ornament game, fellowship and then the dance soloist who plan to compete in January performed for the group. Madeline is one of those soloist. She did beautifully. I did all I could not to cry. I'm going to try to upload it to the site. Hopefully I can so you can see how wonderful she did.

How blessed we are she can still dance. What a blessing!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Wonderland in Louisiana...well kinda!

We had so much fun in the snow. We played in it until 9 p.m. Friday and then work up Saturday before the sun was up. We wanted to make sure we enjoyed it before it all melted. It lasted longer than I thought it would. By was gone.

We had a great time. What a wonderful early Christmas treat. Enjoy the pics!

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's snowing!!!! REALLY!

OMG!!! It's snowing...really, really, really. I told my husband today between the Saints being 11-0 and it snowing in Louisiana.......I think hell may have actually frozen over!

The kids have been outside all evening playing in the foreign object we never see around here. I just hope it lasts long enough so the kids can play in the snow in the morning.

One of the funniest things was I had my husband carrying my plants under our porch. Our hibiscus are still actually blooming and last weekend it was 75 degrees. And now, it's snowing. Nuts!!! But AWESOME!!!!

New Years Eve 2007

New Years Eve 2007
Her rash on New Year Eve 2007. We were treating at this time as poison ivy.

Madeline, January 2008

Madeline, January 2008
Here is a picture of Madeline (2008) at her classroom birthday party. Here you will notice her malar rash and grottron's papules on her hands. Of course at this time we had no idea what was going on.

Madeline, January 2009

Madeline, January 2009
Here is a picture of Madeline at her 9th birthday party. The only redness you see now is the nornal redness from running around at your birthday party. My, what a difference a year makes.